Toni Cantó

Toni Cantó always offers seasonal products, market cuisine, exquisite, imaginative, with Mediterranean elaboration. Highlighting its fish brought to the day from the Moraira fish market. In love with beer, you can taste multiple varieties to choose from, its repertoire of artisans from here and around the world, compete with an interesting wine list. Highlight a strong personality in the kitchen, where it is possible to embroider one of its star dishes, the octopus stew, as well as its arroz a banda and its Valencian stew. If you fancy a bite of sobrasada from Teulada with arugula and lemon jam. With Cruzcampo, Pilsen-type Lager. Typical Teulada sausage, with Amstel, 100% malt lager. “Sang en ceba”, with Paulaner of high fermentation wheat. Tongue with chanterelles with Legado de Yuste, abbey. Cuttlefish and green pistachio figatell, with Fischer, Alsace lager. “Bull en seba”, with Murphy’s, Irish stout. “Mullador de pellets”, with Paulaner, Munich lager. Octopus stew in two turns (first the rice, then the octopus, great with the vegetables), with Heineken, 100% malt lager. And for desserts, why not a casalla ice cream, lemon and almonds, with Shandy lemon, Coca María with almonds, with Paulaner Salvator, grapes in spirits and sweet potato cakes. An example of the surprises that you can find. An honest and clear kitchen with a great value for money.


(Closed Monday)

Tuesday to Sunday: 9:00 - 01:00