There are two ways to find the different member establishments. The first is through the advanced search engine of the main page. The second way is through the menu by clicking on the different categories/subcategories. The second way is through the menu by clicking on the different categories/subcategories.

Through the contact section. You can send an email to info@aecoteuladamoraira.com. If you want you can also phone the association (+34) 670 545 739 or (+34) 659 921 873.

Different establishments that are members of the association provide this home delivery service, free of charge. The product assembly service is also available, at no extra cost.

The legal framework of the warranty gives consumers different options to demand a solution for the non-conforming product purchased, which means that they can ask to have it repaired or replaced as long as the option chosen is not impossible or disproportionate, in which case the consumer shall choose between either a discount on the price or the termination of the agreement (refund of the money). As soon as the consumer informs the seller of the option that they have chosen both parties must comply with this.

If the period to ask for an exchange or refund has not been stated, the period for this shall be seven days from when the product has been purchased.

With regard to door-to-door and online sales, a consumer has, according to the law, at least seven days to return a product, even if it complies with what has been offered and has no flaws or defects.

En las ventas domiciliarias y ventas a distancia, es un derecho del consumidor otorgado por ley, quien con carácter general dispondrá al menos de siete días para la devolución, aunque el producto sea conforme a lo ofertado y no presente defectos.

  • Right to get it repaired
  • Right to get it replaced
  • Right to get a discount on the price
  • Right to terminate the purchase agreement


The annual fee is 100 euros, which is paid in two instalments of 50 € every six months.

If you join the association, as well as the corresponding six monthly payments, a one-off fee of 50 euros has to be paid.

You can join online or go in person to the association. The registration form can be downloaded from this website, by accessing the Become a Member of AECO section. You will find all the relevant information there: Documentation and procedure. Once you have filled in the registration form properly and obtained all the required documentation, you must send it to AECO by email to info@aecoteuladamoraira.com. If you prefer, you can send all the documentation by post or go in person to the association offices that are located in avda. del Portet, 38 – Moraira (Mapfre office) or in calle Constanza, 2 -2º de Teulada.

The shopkeeper must apply for the license from the competent Department in the Regional Authorities that is responsible for shops and business establishments.

  1. Opening, modifying or making superstores larger, that is to say, establishments that have a sales area that is equal to or larger than 1000 square metres, or in towns with less than 40,000 inhabitants, those that have a sales area that is equal to or larger than 600 square metres.
  2. Permits or licenses must be requested from the corresponding Town Council to open a business establishment and for street trading.
  • In general those established by the regulations concerning the goods that they sell. In particular they must comply with the regulations related to the composition of the products, labelling and the safety of these products, as well as the special regulations established for the business sector or sectors associated with their business activity and withdraw any products that do not comply with these regulations from their business establishment.
  • Prove to the competent authorities that they are in possession of the required permits and licenses.
  • Be up-to-date with the payment of any taxes that they are expected to pay.
  • Comply with the regulations on the protection of consumers’ and users’ rights.
  • What are the basic obligations of the shopkeeper concerning consumers?
  • Issue an invoice, receipt or a document proving the transaction made, which is duly itemized where appropriate, unless the consumer specifically refuses to have it delivered.
  • Have the complaint forms available for consumers.
  • Supply the warranty with all the durables that are sold.
  • Carry out their sales promotion activities without using any unlawful or deceitful advertising.
  • Not use unfair terms in the sales agreement with consumers.
  • Sell safe products and provide the appropriate technical assistance service.__

If you would like to administer the data about your business you should get in touch with the association through info@aecoteuladamoraira.com and request access to it. Our support service will send you instructions on how to administer the business data sheet.