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AECO is the Association of Businesspeople and Shopkeepers of Teulada-Moraira; it was set up in 1989 to help and support small and medium sized businesses of the municipality, which are an essential part of its economy.

AECO is an association of professionals, it defends their common interests, and this is imperative these days to be able to compete in an environment of accelerated changes where retail formats are evolving rapidly.

AECO is an association of professionals, it defends their common interests, and this is imperative these days to be able to compete in an environment of accelerated changes where retail formats are evolving rapidly.

The AECO group supplies an extensive and varied range of products and services in which the quality and the assistance provided are the differential value that makes the customers’ experience even better. The AECO group supplies an extensive and varied range of products and services in which the quality and the assistance provided are the differential value that makes the customers’ experience even better.

All the members ofAECO believe in the important role that the association has in defending common interests. Only in this way can they undertake ambitious projects and make them successful. At AECO we know that with the line of work that has started in the last few months we will grow and improve. Therefore, building up the strength of this business project, which also has a social and cultural side to it, is one of our main objectives.

The constant work of many of the members for almost three decades now, has consolidated the association, making it enterprising, with a desire to improve, excel and become part (which it has already done), of the daily life of a municipality that not only focuses on business, but also on tourism. This is how the members keep the local business dynamic and use it as a clear reference point in their activities, both in the town centre of Teulada and that of Moraira.

Today, all the hard work and effort of AECO mainly goes into growing as an organisation, without overlooking the business activities and tourism, their two main areas of action. The commercial activities of hundreds of locals who live off their corresponding businesses and tourism are undoubtedly one of the driving forces of the municipality. Each year thousands of people stroll through the streets of Moraira and Teulada, because it is the favourite destination of many foreigners who find a wide selection of leisure, gastronomy, culture and luxury residential areas, as well as the Mediterranean climate, in this region.

AECO is in turn associated with FACPYME (Alicante Federation of Commerce of Small and Medium Enterprises) and COVACO (Confederation of Merchants and Self-Employed of the Valencian Community), which guarantees us a great source of legal, labor and tax information that reaches us punctually and that is available to all members of AECO through the advisory office of FACPYME.

The Teulada-Moraira Association of Trade Entrepreneurs, AECO, joined the Unió Gremial, the Federation of Gremis and Associations of Valencian Commerce, last November.

We share with the Unió Gremial the conviction of the importance of associationism to defend this model of local commerce at the service of the people of Teulada and Moraira. Associationism as a way of defending a local, traditional and more sustainable economic and trade model. In short, a way of living and understanding the world.

With the Unió Gremial, we have given a great boost to the claim of local commerce as an essential agent of our town. Great support when it comes to reinforcing and energizing trade promotion campaigns, but also in defending the trade of Teulada and Moraira, of this Mediterranean trade that characterizes and defines us.

Throughout the year, coinciding with peak shopping hours, AECOtogether with the Teulada Town Council Department of Development, organizes and promotes numerous activities and promotional campaigns for the locals and visitors about the variety of things to do in the town centres of Teulada and Moraira.

Our objective

The objective of AECO is simple and convincing; defend the interests of small and medium-sized businesses of the municipality. It was the idea of a group of businesspeople with the same interests and needs, who thought it would be more coherent if they united their hard work and efforts.

Today the association has more than 150 members that have come together to improve our business structures, provide a more complete and competitive service, organise joint advertising and commercial promotion campaigns, get in touch with the local media… In short, a whole range of activities that help us improve the business management of our services within our municipality. We are business, industry, hospitality, construction, the real estate sector, services. We are businesspeople and shopkeepers. We areAECO.

Differential value

One thing that the members of the AECO project have in common is customer service, which makes us unique. The personalised service is our main differential value, together with the selection of quality products and services that enhance the customers’ experience.

Close at hand

You don’t even have to get into your car to go shopping; you can just stroll around the shops in the town centre.

Promotional activities

You will find special offers and sales promotions in our shops where you will save money on your purchases.

Wide variety

There is an extensive range of products and services available at the member establishments.

Competitive prices

The price is another factor to take into consideration when it comes to choosing what AECO has to offer. It is excellent value for money guaranteed.


Delivery service

If you need help taking your shopping home, we will do it for you.

Post-sales service

We answer any question you might have about our products.

Assembly service

We assemble furniture, install household appliances and we take the old ones away for you.

Credit card payments

You can pay by credit card at our establishments.

Car park close by

Teulada Car Park; behind the Town Hall. Moraira Car Park; beside the Senieta.

Customized quotes.

We will give you the quote that you want without any obligations and free of charge.

Dealing with the authorities

As the association is the point of contact between its members and the local authorities, it can deal with related proceedings. AECO can present and register written requests or complaints associated with the actions of the Authorities, which might be to the disadvantage of one of its members (lack of loading and unloading areas, pay and display areas, roadworks, arrangement of new urban furniture …). It can also represent its members in proceedings related to the acts of other individuals (vandalism, painting on shop fronts…) which seriously hinder access into their establishments, destroy the image of them or cause other types of problems. All its work in this area is aimed at solving any issue that might affect one of its member establishments.

Advice, paperwork and processing subsidies

The association keeps up-to-date with the different allowances, funding and subsidies available for SMEs from the different authorities, which is a tremendous help for businesses that want to improve their infrastructure, upgrade the technology used, carry out alteration or extension work on their business, innovate or stimulate employment. The association constantly informs its members about all the existing subsidies and funding available.

Advice, paperwork and processing subsidies

The association has telephone numbers (+34 670 545 739 //
+34 659 921 873) and an email address (info@aecoteuladamoraira.com) that members can use if they have any enquiries, which will be answered as soon as possible (questions, suggestions, complaints, problems…).

Data confidentiality

AECO, the Association of Businesspeople and Shopkeepers of Teulada-Moraira complies with the Data Protection Law and it undertakes to keep the data of its clients, users and visitors confidential and fulfil all the legal requirements that are in force.

Pursuant to the provisions established in the Law 15/1999, dated the 13th of December, on the Protection of Personal Data, AECO is committed to complying with the data secrecy obligation, keeping data confidential and taking the necessary measures to make sure that this data is not altered, lost, processed or accessed by unauthorized parties, given the state of technology at all times.

Advertising campaigns

Throughout the year various advertising campaigns are organised in order to promote the local member shops and businesses. So, at Christmas, Easter and in the summer, AECO together with the department of commerce of the Teulada Town Council organises numerous exclusive activities for the customers of the establishments that are members of the association, to stimulate business activity.

Supply materials

On a day-to-day basis or for campaigns, the association supplies its members with different marketing material (posters and signage about discounts, special offers and sales, brand stickers, open/closed signs, leaflets, pamphlets, tourist maps in two languages…).

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